Windows package manager(winget)

Since Microsoft moves from windows to cloud in the last 10 years, he is more welcome to opensource especially Linux. I always hate to use windows expect when playing games. Every time, I have to take long time to reinstall all apps. Because not like Linux, which provides great package management tools, like dpkg, snapd, pacman, etc, windows app installation is clicky too much.

Now, there is a new tool named winget. Similar to dpkg or apt command, we only need to indicate the name of software. It will install from network. Not all software are supported right now, but the most common ones will be found there. Blew, I installed Anaconda for example. We can easy find others by using winget search <name>.

In official document, they give a piece of PowerShell script to install powertoys and terminal in one piece.

@echo off  
Echo Install Powertoys and Terminal  
REM Powertoys  
winget install Microsoft.Powertoys  
if %ERRORLEVEL% EQU 0 Echo Powertoys installed successfully.  
REM Terminal  
winget install Microsoft.WindowsTerminal  
if %ERRORLEVEL% EQU 0 Echo Terminal installed successfully.   %ERRORLEVEL%

Winget download page:

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