Kids need help in China

布拖县,国家级贫困县。寒冷的冬天到了,这里的孩子脸上挂着未干的鼻涕以及稍有加入陪伴的落寞神情。2015年12月25日,从这里走出去的彝族音乐人莫西子诗,以壹基金明星义工的身份, 顶着严寒踏上了回乡之路。

Butuo County in Si Chuang province, a national poverty-stricken county. The cold winter is coming, children are hung with a dry nose with a little lonely look. On December 25th, 2015, Moxizi poetry, a Yi musician who went out from here, took the road of returning home in the chilly weather.