Lessons on photography from the movie “Civil War”

This is an iconic scene: a young journalist uses an older Nikon FE2 inherited from her father, while another professional uses a Sony A7 series camera. Notice their left hands; manual focus allows them to quickly capture the decisive moment. The director leverages this motif multiple times throughout the movie to illustrate the growth of the young journalist.

This is another photo with excellent composition: a crashed crop-duster in the center, its wings dividing the space around the wreckage, with two journalists capturing the scene.”

Light contrast indeed plays a pivotal role in visual composition, particularly in photography and videography. It helps to draw the viewer’s attention to the main subjects, as highlighted by the journalist being illuminated while the surrounding darkness adds depth and focus. This technique can guide the viewer’s gaze and create a dynamic interplay between light and shadow, enhancing the narrative and emotional impact of the image.

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