NYC Like You’ve Never Seen It: My Blade Runner 2049 Style Photo Adventure

I’ve been out and about in New York City with my camera again, but this time I tried something totally different. Have you seen “Blade Runner 2049”? That movie’s got some insane visuals and I thought, why not bring a bit of that vibe into my NYC photos?

  • Inspired by a Movie: “Blade Runner 2049” is all about bold colors and a futuristic feel. I wanted to capture that in my shots of New York. Think orange, red, and blue tones – it’s like seeing the city through a totally new lens.
  • Colors Galore: I played a lot with colors. The reds and oranges make the city look like it’s on fire (in a good way!), while the blues add this cool, almost sci-fi touch. It’s like New York, but not as you know it.
  • Crowds and More Crowds: Remember those crowded, neon-lit streets in the movie? I tried to get that same feel. Every photo is packed with people – it’s like you can feel the hustle and bustle.
  • Making It Cinematic: I wasn’t just snapping pics; I was trying to create scenes. Each shot is set up to feel like a still from a movie – you know, dramatic lighting, interesting angles, the works.

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