Love, Death & Robots

More than 80 per cent of the TV shows and movies people watch on Netflix are discovered through the platform’s recommendation system. We are not choose the TV, the algorithm does.
In all the services that I am using or used, including youtube, spotify, netflix, hulu etc. The best and most sticky ones are spotify and netflix. But why? In personal, I think these points maybe:
1. the algorithm combined with recommend system with user preference. Not like youtube, it uses auto recommend system too aggressive which means it always give some information that I didn’t like. Netflix/Spotify is more smart, we can choose the catalogs we like in the beginning or give use the main catalogs which makes us easier to choose. In another way, it offers something rather than nothing for a new user.
2. Netflix has hired real life humans to categorize every bit of TV shows and movies and apply tags to each of them in order to create hyperspecific micro genres such as “Visually-striking nostalgic dramas” or “Understated romantic road trip movies”. Since size of movies is controlled by Netflix itself, the manual tag work is more precise than auto tags.
3. They create original movies that based on big data. Okay, that’s maybe not good. But they did, and we love the movies.

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