Data Science Master Curriculum


I happened to find a pretty good website called create your own data science master's. You can access from here.

Why is it good

  1. This person is so gentle to collect all DS related online courses together, although some of them are not free. Once I was always frustrated about finding the right & good rated resource, now he gave everything I need.
  2. According your backgrounds, you can pick up different pieces. e.g. I am CS background, so that I will put stats into the first line.
  3. It almost covers all contents in data scientist roadmap.

Is it a good way for us?

It depends. If you are already roll in a data science project. You might be going to take or have taken courses. But if you are a computer science background, an organized courses with a reasonable price may be a good choice.

Hello world!

Well. I have to agree “Hello world” is one of my favor titles. Since I bought a raspberry pi which supposed to do some deep learning works, like object detection, I have to do something before my camera coming from amazon.

So, I guess creating a pro personal website would be a good choice. I refer “Build a LAMP Web Server with WordPress”  and “offcial website“. In an nutshell, not hard stuffs, but some points need to be care.


    1.  if you change password through mySQL directly, you have to transfer pwd through MD5 tool, here is one.
    2. if you happen to unable to upload file, please install “sudo apt-get install php7.0-gd” and restart apache “sudo service apache2 restart“.
    3. I initially started with offical website guide, but I suddenly realized I need to install LAMP(Linux, ApacheMySQLPHP)
    4. There might be requests for setting FTP when installing plugins, this can be solved by edit wp-config.php with adding “define(‘FS_METHOD’, ‘direct’);
    5. Give www-data authority to access wordpress folder: “sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/html“, /var/www/html is my wordpress folder


  1. UpdraftPlus would be a good choice which provides several romote storage methods inculding google dirve.

After almost 2 hours mess around, I finally  create this website on raspberry!